Cheap Life Cover Over 50 Years


Rates last updated: 26 October 2021

A life cover over 50 years is a cheaper alternative to a Whole of Life Assurance, but unless you die within the 50 year term it will not pay out which is the reason it is cheaper than whole of life cover.

A 50 year policy provides valuable life cover protection for a very cost effective price. Usually a 50 year term life cover is used to provide financial protection for a mortgage or for family protection where cover on the parents provides for their children in the event of death with a little left over for older age.

Premiums are calculated based up on your age and smoking status, the amount of cover you want and the term, in this case 50 years. During the application process you may also be asked a few medical and lifestyle questions to check your general state of health but usually applications are accepted on the quoted premiums.

How much will 50 year life cover cost?

The cost of the cover depends on your age, smoking status and the amount of cover you buy. Use the table below to get some idea however there’s no substitute for getting a 50 year life cover quote for your own date of birth and cover level.

50 Year Life Cover
Age 30£4.58£5.79£8.63£15.33£31.64£60.80
Age 40£7.51£13.48£29.76£49.65£119.02£215.92
Last Updated: 26 October 2021 (Source:

50 Year Life Cover
Age 30£4.89£9.42£15.80£27.14£61.56£122.52
Age 40£5.52£23.27£41.18£74.63£181.01£356.58
Last Updated: 26 October 2021 (Source:

Is 50 Years Long Enough?

Life cover for 50 years should last as long as most mortgages and provide protection until your children are independent, however the cover will eventually stop. If you would like some cover to last until you die whenever that maybe, to provide for your long term partner, wife or husband then whole of life assurance is a better policy, but more expensive because it guarantees a pay-out.

Terminal Illness Benefit

Terminal illness benefit is included in all reputable life cover policies. This means that if you are diagnosed by a registered doctor that you have such a serious illness that you are like to pass away during the next 12 months then the insurance company will immediately pay the life cover out rather than wait until you have actually died.

You should note that it is normal that a terminal illness pay-out cannot be made within the last 18 months of the policy, although at present there is an exception to this with Ageas and Aviva (check the policy wordings!), who pay terminal illness claims right up to the end of the plan term meaning that some may get a pay-out where normally they would have died after the plan term ended.